Why Do I Need A Notary

Notarizing documents is an important step in the legal process to manage risks, prevent fraud, and verify identities of the involved parties. Notaries also ensure all participants sign documents of their free will, not under duress. Accurately notarized documents are crucial to ensure smooth passage of documents through further steps of their respective legal process.

How We Can Help

Most legal documents and affidavits require notary to be considered in litigation. In some cases, notarized documents also prove a strategic advantage due to extra levels of verification. We provide this service to our clients to streamline the process of preparing your legal documents, cutting out the need to bring another party into your proceedings, as well as ensuring the utmost strategic advantage in your case.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions to help you familiarize with the process and requirements of notary public in Louisiana. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions.


What Should I Bring With Me?

A:  Other than the documents needing to be notarized, you must have a picture I.D.


How Much Do Notary Services Cost?

A:  Our office charges $25.00 a page.


Can Non-Clients Receive Notary Services?

A:  Yes, non-clients can receive notary services.  Getting a document notarized is quick and hassle free.  So call the office, and come on in!